The monster is facing Europe
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The monster, is born
About Turkey’s attempted coup one can say: Such a coup was either a display or a real one. If it was real, it was either a civil and independent one or a one dependant on outside support. If it was dependant on outside support, it was either a European or a non European one. The “non-violence” nature, failure to arrest members of the government, lack of a ...
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[در «پانوراما دیدن» لذتی‌ست که در «محو پیکسلی‌کوچک‌شدن» نیست!]
گاهی [که در تاریخ بشر، بسیار هم به‌ندرت پیش می‌آید] ابعادِ رویدادی که در پیشِ چشم‌مان درحالِ اتفاق‌افتادن است؛ آن‌چنان «بزرگ» و «پانوراما»ست که مخصوصاً اگر در ردیف‌های جلو نشسته باشید؛ قادر ...
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Farhad Jafari Official Website
[چرا اکنون؛ هاشمی رفسنجانی «ناچار» از «قطع این مرحله با مرغ سلیمان!» شده است؟!]
[1. سه گزاره‌ی مهم در تحلیل وقایع پیش رو] . برای داشتن درک دقیقی از آینده‌ی پیش رو و وقایعی که در راه است؛ دست‌کم؛ این سه جمله را در پس ذهن خود حک کنید. اول. این بخش از بیانیه‌ی دفتر هاشمی رفسنجانی در پاسخ به ...
Farhad Jafari Official Website

 In less than 48 hours after the attempted coup (display or failed),the family oligarchy of Islamists in Turkey launched an extensive crackdown on all state institutions ( army, police, Interior Ministry, members of the judiciary, universities, press and etc. ) and only in the first two days over fifty thousands were the victim of the purge.

The excuse for such extensive cleansing and laying off (which seems to be that Erdogan had long planned and kept the list in his pocket) is said to be confronting “the Islamic movement lead by Fethullah Gulen”. Thus, such an anti-democratic measure rather than appearing to be “purging of government bureaucracy and civilian infrastructure of secular forces” it is demonstrated as an “internal conflict between Islamists” and so would not provoke Turkey’s seculars.

Moreover, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that soon and as the result of people’s demand and parliament decision, the Turkish judicial procedure would reinstate the “death penalty”.

Given the developments and Metamorphosis of Erdogan and his party from a “moderate Islamist” to a “radical Islamist” one could expect that soon: with ever more weakening of Turkish army and police, “the militia forces” are even more strengthened and play the role of the “Islamic Republic Committees” and the “Islamic Republic Revolutionary guards” in that country. So Turkey’s “constitution” must be changed in a way that its secular nature is modified in favor of “Radical Islam Ideology”.

The “statute book” of this country has also undergone deep changes and laws such as “flogging, amputation, stoning etc.” will be restored in the judicial procedure. “Compulsory Hijab” will also be imposed on Turkish women.

All critics and oppositions are suppressed and exterminated under the banner of “Sharia Law” and opposition parties are dissolved one after another.

Universities and higher education system are purged from any “outsider element” under the pretext of “cultural revolution”.

It’s “predicting such Islamic and booming future” for Turkey! That “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” (Daesh leader), Seyed Mohammad Khatami (leader of one of the network of clerical “mullah” and mullah descendants oligarchs in Iran), Sheikh Rachid Ghannouchi (Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood Leader, educated in Sorbonne France),  Khaled Mashal …and many other radical Islamists in the Middle-East were pleased and happy from the “failed coup in Turkey”.

One of the most important notable points which is often neglected regarding the “July 15 coup attempt” is the perpetrator’s choice of name. The coup perpetrators referred to themselves as the “ peace committee” in their published statements. In such a title, a truth is implicitly inherent that, more than any other reason, such a group of military men committed a coup in order to “prevent Turkey entering a war”. Because apparently, their political and military assessments of “the continuation of the Islamist oligarchs in Turkey” was that it will intentionally or unintentionally enter Turkey and its people into a war. Otherwise, why should it choose such an unusual title for itself?

In the note “Mr. United States man up!” (in my personal website) I’d predicted that as the result of “America turning its back to secular and progressive elements in the Middle-East” and “flirting with Islamist family networks” soon a monster will be born that will make the complex world affairs even more complicated. An event which the developments two days after the failed coup in Turkey proved to be true!

But in the last note published in Goftamgoft (titled: there’s such a pleasure in panoramic view that is not found in pixel view) I’d also predicted that:

Soon (in a political time scale), the four empire-seeking leaders of “ottoman” “Persia” “ Islamic Khalifa” and “Syria” will come to this new understanding that “ with just a few meters here or there, the map of the empire that each of them is seeking to rebuild is almost the same.

Enough with fighting among ourselves! Let’s move on towards our main enemy (Europe) so after conquering the Christians we could once again restore our historical power and glory.

In the same note I’d written that: if in the crusade wars it was “Peter the Hermit’s army” that waged a war from France to the Islamic states, this time however, it is the “Islamic Army” that will launch an all out war on European territories.

Just three days before the coup (display or failed) the government of Turkey, adopted a much more flexible stance towards the three countries of "Russia", "Israel" and "Syria" and unexpectedly retracted from its former and long held unfriendly positions. In a way that now (and after the recent developments in Turkey) such unexpected flexibility could be taken as sending the message to the leaders of such countries  that: what you’re about to see in the next few days in Turkey is not a development that would jeopardize your interest and security.  Rather, it is aiming at something other than you so don’t feel threatened with it!

Now that Europe:

Is faced with a massive flood of Muslim migrants many of whom at a certain moment can change from a “sleeper cell” to an “active cell”!

Now that it is faced with extremely violent, uncontrollable and unpredictable terrorist events.

Now that it is faced with “an increasing political instability, uncertainty and bewilderment” in an overwhelming number of its countries!

Now that it is drowning in recession, unemployment, economic misery and insecurity.

Now that “it is dissolving into smaller units”

 Now that it is witnessing “national and regional division and disunity”

Now that the strongest member (Britain) has pulled out of union to be separated and independent from the rest of Europe.

And ….

It is the best time for “Radical Islamist Pioneers” to move towards Europe under the pretext of “Bulgaria and Serbia’s intervention in Turkey’s internal affairs, and supporting the coup perpetrators” and backed by “the support of most of the radical Islamist countries  and movements ( ranging from Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan to Daesh, “Muslim Brotherhood” and “Free Syrian Army” on one hand, and on the other “Hamas and Islamic Jihad” “Russia and Israel’s abstention”, thus penetrating deep into Europe and retrieving their historical conquests (especially in the Balkans).

Considering the stunning speed that Erdogan has in his Metamorphosis from a moderate Islamist to a radical one, I guess such a development must necessarily happen “before America's presidential election”. At a time when the United States is busy with its election campaigns and is left in the lurch and the current president (actually) “is unable to make major and crucial decisions”. Therefore, the next president will pay the price for it.

The “old Europe” is now faced with an “evolved monster” derived from a virus Oligarchic Islamist. It goes without saying that the “old Europe”(with the help of American democrats) had previously pulled out versions of that virus from the depth of its history, infecting the Middle-East and its people with it and hoping to prevent the “Soviet Union” from making advances in its colonies and historical trace centers. And while chanting the slogans of “freedom”, “equality” and “democracy” with such an obscenity, it sat there watching indecently (for the sake of not jeopardizing its macro-trades with the regional dictators) how the “corrupted and degenerated oligarchs of the region” one by one violated every rule and made people ‘have it up to here’ with oppression, cruelty and discrimination.

However, the virus has turned into “the scourge of Europe” and sooner or later it will cripple and debilitate it. In a way that in the remarks made by (the head of France's DGSI internal intelligence agency) to the parliament defense committee: “the situation in France is on such a knife edge that it could just take one more major Islamist terror attack to lead to a huge right-wing backlash. We’re on the verge of civil war. This confrontation, I think it will take place. Even another one or two attacks and it will happen.”

The only way left for the “Old Europe” to prevent the monster making advances towards its territories is that to backstab it, meaning that it must trigger and stir “the changes in the lands behind the monster” so that it would deter the monster from progressing towards Europe. This includes occurrence of “ even more destabilizing events” in “Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia (and other former Soviet Republics).

That’s why till further notice, “a new scene of instability” (from Iraq and Syria) will move towards the region of “countries surrounding the Caspian Sea” and we shall witness many unrests there. Needless to say, the “unexpected events”, in the past couple of days, in Armenia and Kazakhstan can be related to it.

“Tension, instability and chaos” is ever more inclusive and more importantly “internationalized” and an overwhelming number of political theories have lost validity and credibility as the result of “the advocates not obliging by the principles of that theory” and “corruption and incompetency of the regional and world rulers” and the only alternative perceived by people is “constructive chaos”.

A chaos, out of which “a relatively healthy, equal and fair order” might emerge!

The world’s had it up to here!

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